Scholarship of Integration

Integration involves “making connections across the disciplines, placing the specialties in larger context, illumination data in a revealing way, often educating non-specialists, too.” Integration creates new knowledge by bringing together otherwise isolated knowledge from two or more disciplines or fields this creating new insights and understanding. It is “serious, disciplined work that seeks to interpret, draw together and bring new insight to bear on original research.” It means “interpretation, fitting one’s own research – or the research of others – into larger intellectual patterns.” (Boyer 1990:18,19) Integration brings divergent knowledge, artistic creations, or original works together. Integration may occur within or between teaching, research, and service scholarship.


Notable Initiatives



Orientation to the EdD

The EdD Orientation Course (EdDOC) is designed for students beginning coursework in the doctoral of Higher Ed program. The content has been carefully constructed around foundational themes geared toward transitioning practitioners to the academic rigor of doctoral studies. The orientation provides an overview of six distinct areas: (1) the EdD program, (2) support services, (3) community (4) technology, (5) research, and (6) scholarly writing.

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EdD Capstone

Applying the EdD Degree

In this capstone course, doctoral candidates explore the industry of higher education in three distinct areas: Career development, Fundraising, and Assessment. This capstone is largely a personal discernment of one's place in higher education, the culmination of the doctoral journey, and an examination of a variety of post-graduate professional development opportunities.


2015 Exemplary Career Center of the Year

Generation Merr1mack

An early signature program developed during my time in academia, which continues to influence my research, is Generation Merr1mack, an initiative to support the career and professional growth of first-generation college students. In 2013, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) named Generation Merr1mack a finalist for the Diversity and Inclusion Award and in 2015 a finalist for the Member’s Choice Award.

As a result of Generation Merr1mack and key innovative pathways programming to enhance first-generation and the transfer student experiences, the O'Brien Center for Student Success at Merrimack College received the 2015 Exemplary Career Center of the Year award from the National Career Development Association (NCDA) for its exemplary efforts in delivering career support to students. 


Career Exploration for Undeclared

Destination Exploration

Destination Exploration is designed to support undeclared students as they navigate the major and career decision-making process.
The program provides students complete support through a three-tier advising system including a career advisor, faculty advisor, and peer ambassador. See paper presentation at the New England Conference for Student Success here.

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Career Intervention Program for Undergraduates

Career Passport

Career Passport is an innovative program designed to support first and second-year students in their career preparation and provide an introduction to career development and decision-making as an undergraduate. Through Career Passport, students gain academic credit to participate in a series of career-related events and activities, such as resume creation and review and meeting with their Career Advisor. 


Award for Excellence

Outstanding Quality

The Professional Development Seminar (PDS) program at Nichols College was created to offer students an opportunity to take purposeful steps in understanding and improving their interests, abilities, skills, and talents. To foster this development over the duration of the college experience, PDS was designed as a mandatory, one-credit, four-course series beginning with the first college year and ending with the senior year. Each course meticulously builds on the previous, ensuring transitional, career, and professional development support. Each course is accompanied by a course textbook created by the program director and co-director, who also provide all faculty training for instructors who teach the courses.

The program has won numerous national and regional awards for innovation and excellence.