Executive coaching, training for career service professionals, and individual career coaching for those seeking a career change.

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As a Board Certified executive and career coach (BCC), instructor, consultant, speaker, and author, I strive to provide five-star professional development while staying current with workforce fluctuations and demands. My coaching is strength-based, grounded in positive psychology, and tailored to your personal goals. If you want to move your career forward, I would love to work with you to facilitate positive change focused on your objectives.


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Advanced Talent Development: Steps Toward a T-Model Infused Undergraduate Education

The T-model configures academic and professional development in a way that allows institutions to provide students with a solid foundation, built through rich academic and co-curricular experiences so they can adapt to the evolving workplace. In this volume, readers are introduced to the dynamics of the workplace that generate the need for T-professionals.

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